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From: Marek Choloniewski <studiomch@wp.pl>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 13:25:14 +0100
To: ana-maria /iancu Avram Dumitrescu <idamahyp@clicknet.ro>
Subject: Re: Solidarity request

To Whom It May Concern

The financial cut for Acousmania festival in Bucarest shouldn't be taken

Please reconsider the decision, which has a serious negative consequence for the culture of art in Romania

Acousmania is the unique event, and one of the most important on the international scene of contemporary music with its wide-range repertoire 

Please remember, without support for modern art the right development of the whole civilization is in trouble

Marek Choloniewski
President of PSeME, Muzyka Centrum, SME

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