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Subject: fao: Mrs Maria TOGHINA, re: Acousmania

for the attention of Mrs Maria TOGHINA,
President General Manager of the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation

To whom it may concern,

in May last year I was proud to attend the Acousmania festival of
electronic, computer and  spectralist music in Bucharest, organised by
Ana-Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu of the Hyperion Ensemble, and
supported by CIME, CREMAC and other international arts and music

I traveled from London at my own expense to see the
entire event over the course of a week because I believe it represents
the pinnacle of modern music, setting a standard and an example to the
rest of the world. It seems to me that in this regard Romania in the
absolute forefront of world music.

This year I had hoped to travel with yet more friends who have come to
regard the music presented at this event as of the greatest
international significance.

With Romania's recent membership of the
European Union I expected that there would be improving cultural links
and more information than ever before about this important cultural work.

It is therefore with dismay and alarm that I hear that support for this
event by the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation and other public
bodies in Romania is not only not increasing but has diminished since
last year. I find this perplexing and worrying as it seems to me that
the Romanian public have every right to be proud of the achievements of
their foremost artists.

I hope that you will be able to reassure me that I have been misinformed
- that the relevant supporters of public arts in Romania recognize the
great achievements of these artists and their festival, and the impact
they have around the world.

I hope to hear that these bodies will
therefore wholeheartedly support the festival in the manner it deserves,
thereby drawing great credit on themselves and the wider Romanian public
and its culture.

Respectfully Yours

Andy Wilson
Managing Director
LShift Ltd
Hoxton Point
6 Rufus St
London N1 6PE

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