To the President General Manager

of the Romanian Broadcasting CorporationMrs. Maria Toghina



Dear Mrs. Toghina,

as a collegue from the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF, who is
responsable for braodcastings about New Music, I have to tell you,
that I was shocked about th information, that your company will not
go on to support the Acousmania Festival.
In the last years I reported frequently about the festivals "Musica
Nova Acousmatica" ans "Acousmania" in my broadcastings.
On Oct., 27th, 2006 I presented works of Petru Teodorescu, Tim
Hodgkinson, Ana Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu.
On Jan, 26th, 2007 followed another broadcasting with music of Ulpiu
Vlad,Francoise Barriere, Tim Hodgkinson and Robert Reigle.
To prove this, please look at

  In my oppinion, there is no other festival of New Music in the
Eastern part of Europe, that is so important like "Acousmania" (after
the decline of "Warsaw Autumn").
It gives not only a chance to listerner in Romania to learn about the
tendencies of New Music from all over the world, but also - by
recording and distribution via the EBU network - to the radio
listeners all over Europe to hear the works of Romanian composers,
who belong to the most intersting avantguarde of our days.

35 millions of radio listeners, who are interested in New Music,  may
be attainable via EBU !

Therefor you should go on recording the concerts of "Acousmania" and
similar fetivals and present it emphatically to the partner stations
of EBU. There are many of my collegues all over Europe, who would
eagerly ask for those recordings.

I can also assure you, that there is a great interest in music from
Romania and all all musical activities, since Sibiu is a cultural
metropole of 2007, the delta of river Danube is the "landscape of the
year" and there is a massive advertising and publicity  campaign for
Romania - not only in Austria, but in all Europe (as I found out at a
recent sejour at Paris). - Moreover I want to mention, that the
Roumanian Cultural Institute (RKI) in Vienna, wich is only a block
from the ORF-Funkhaus away in Argentineierstrasse, emphasizes the
musical scene of Romania.

So you could give help to the musical life of Romania by a little aid
of the documentation of its festivals.

So I kindly ask you to consider my arguments,

With the expression of my highly esteem,
  respectfully yours,

Prof.Giselher Smekal

ORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
Funkhaus Wien
Argentineristr.30 a
1040 WIEN

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